Coalition of Georgia

Empowering Minority Communities
to Achieve Better Health Outcomes

We provide education and resources on how to stay healthy, connect you with quality healthcare providers, and advocate for policies that will improve the health of Hispanics in our state.

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Understanding the Disproportionate Impact of Chronic Diseases on Minority Populations


HHCGA, in partnership with GA CEAL, prioritizes active community engagement, striving for a more equitable allocation of vaccines and involvement of minority populations in vaccine trials.


We are a voice for minority populations, working to ensure they have access to the resources and information they need to improve their health outcomes.


Committed to educating the community on important health topics, particularly those disproportionately affecting minority populations.

HHCGA Partners and Resources

Empowering Communities, Enhancing Health

Celebrating Over Four Decades of Service andAdvocacy in Georgia

Speakers from the Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia highlight their commitment to health justice and community empowerment, emphasizing the role of prevention and education in diverse cultural contexts. With efforts like providing vaccines and vital health services, and engaging students from various disciplines for community involvement, HHCGA is at the forefront of shaping a more inclusive health landscape. Their work, deeply rooted in social justice and community partnership, paves the way for sustainable health improvements across Georgia.

Education - Resources - Training


Navigate the healthcare system and access the care you need

Reflexiones APHA 2023

Daniela Ramírez reflexiona sobre la mezcla de culturas y experienciasdiversas en la Reunión Anual de la APHA 2023, destacando el alcance comunitarioy la resiliencia de HHCGA ante una pandemia global.

APHA 2023 Reflections

Daniela Ramirez reflects on the blend of diverse cultures and experiences at the APHA 2023 Annual Meeting highlighting HHCGA's community outreach and resilience in the face of a global pandemic.

Modelo funcional de Compromiso Comunitario

HHCGA se destaca en la vanguardia del compromisocomunitario en salud, marcando un hito reconocido a nivel nacional por suefectividad en mejorar la equidad en salud.

Community Engagement Model

Unveiling the success story of HHCGA: A beacon of hope in community health engagement, recognized nationally for their impactful work in health equity.

APHA 2023 Annual Meeting

Dive into the 2023 APHA Annual Meeting where over 12,000 healthprofessionals gathered to push the boundaries of public health, driven by theleadership of the Georgia CEAL team and HHCGA's commitment to health equity

Connecting Kids Coverage

If your family doesn’t have medical coverage or is on the brink of losing it, now is the time to act. Don't wait! Apply right away at GeorgiaPCA.org and ensure your child's health and well-being.

Education - Resources - Training

Resources For Change

Navigate the healthcare system and access the care you need

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to manage their health, including access to information on health services and resources.

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Georgia CORE

With CORE's efforts, we can break the cycle of poverty and disaster for marginalized communities. Through their unique approach, they are able to provide equitable relief directly to those who need it most.

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Georgia Department of Community Affairs

DCA provides a wealth of resources and information on safe and affordable housing, local government assistance, and community and economic development, enabling communities to make informed decisions and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

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The CEAL team is providing education on the history and ethics of biomedical research, helping community members make informed choices about vaccination and participation in vaccine trials.

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GA Department of Public Health

Take steps to reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases and to support the efforts of the Georgia Department of Public Health to improve the health of Georgia communities.

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It is important to stay informed and check the CDC website frequently for the most up-to-date information. It's a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider to determine the best course of action.

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Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia

Transforming Lives: The Impact of HHCGA in the Community

HHCGA is making a real impact in the lives of many, from providing support to those struggling with chronic diseases to educating the community on how to live healthy lives.