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COVID-19 Survey

Your opinion is important to us.  We are conducting a survey in which all persons are encouraged to share their thoughts on COVID Vaccines.

Join Our Team

The Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia, (HHCGA), is seeking applications from individuals interested in providing COVID-19 vaccine education and information to the Hispanic Community.

Gynecologic & Cervical Cancer Survey

We would like to know your thoughts and knowledge of gynecologic and cervical cancers.


Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia (HHCGA) at a Glance

Serving the minority underserved and socio-economically challenged populations within the Hispanic/Latino, and Hispanic/Latino Black members in our mission of better overall health outcomes directly relating to chronic diseases, behavioral sciences and infectious diseases, like COVID-19, which directly impact our population negatively at a higher rate.


Ways We Help

Meaningful Work.

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Delivering access to information.


Voice for our minority populations.


Proven subject matter experts.


We stand together in the elevation of community health workers (CHWs) promotores as central members of any team seeking to move the needle towards advancing health equity in response to COVID-19.


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