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NFL Alumni Association & HHCGA: Champions for Health and Equity

Join forces for a healthier, more resilient tomorrow through collaboration, education, and action.

Unifying for a Shared Vision

Although NFL Alumni and HHCGA emerge from different backgrounds, their aim is singular and intertwined: to better health outcomes, promote education, and widen the scope of understanding for all. This convergence of their missions marks a significant stride toward fostering resilient communities ripe with a strong sense of self-efficacy and shared responsibility.

HHCGA's Executive Director & Vice Chair, Shirley E. “Bella” Borghi, passionately articulates this shared mission, noting,

"Our aim is to uplift our Hispanic Latino population and join forces with other communities to achieve superior health outcomes."
Echoing her sentiments, Lee Woodall, NFL Alumni Philadelphia Chapter President, underscores the critical role of community engagement. He puts forth the credo of caring for children, peers, and communities alike, weaving a fabric of collective resilience.

Building Resilient Communities: Goals and Objectives

J. Santiago Ramon, HHCGA's Community Outreach Engagement Director, envisions their combined effort will yield substantial positive ripples throughout the nation. The overarching goal of this alliance is to extend their services to underserved populations across the country, a feat achievable by augmenting health outcomes through educational outreach. 

Adding to this discourse, Brian Jimenez from the National Hispanic Pharmacist  Association (UGA Chapter) underscores the role of pharmacists in rectifying healthcare disparities. He believes they can ensure that the Hispanic community is not only receiving but also comprehending and benefiting from the care they require.

Initiating Collaborative Programs

The strategic alliance of the NFL Alumni Association and HHCGA has sprouted numerous initiatives with an emphasis on health education and the provision of vital resources. 

William Sweet, an NFL Alumni member, shares his conviction about the immense value of educating people about their mental and physical health. He maintains that holistic well-being is integral to personal growth and community resilience.

Elia Wiggins, N. Georgia Community Outreach Coordinator at HHCGA reinforces the necessity of disseminating accurate information. He believes that providing communities with resources that empower them to take control of their health are essential to fostering resilient societies.

Forging Impactful Connections

NFL Alumni member Dominique Easley, as a first-generation immigrant, draws attention to the transformational potential of the partnership, particularly for minority communities of which he is a compassionate member of his heritage. He shares a personal sentiment, "Being part of the NFL Alumni feels like giving something back to my roots."

NFL Alumni Lee Woodall reiterates the need for collaborations of such magnitude. He emphasizes organizations like theirs have a significant role to play in ensuring sustainable solutions for mental wellness and promoting community resilience.


In their innovative partnership, NFL Alumni and HHCGA are the torchbearers for a more equitable world. They stand united to improve health outcomes,  dismantle misconceptions surrounding mental wellness, and deliver essential resources to those in need. 

Their collaborative effort paints a compelling picture of the potential impact when organizations work in unison for a common cause. Hear more about this inspiring collaboration and its impact on communities nationwide in the accompanying videos.  

Let their voices move you to join the movement for a healthier, more inclusive tomorrow. Together, we can build the resilient communities of the future.

Empowering Communities

Key Takeaways from the NFL Alumni & HHCGA Partnership

1. NFL Alumni Association and HHCGA have partnered to address health needs within their communities.
2. Despite coming from different backgrounds, both organizations share a common goal of promoting better health outcomes and education.
3. The partnership aims to improve health disparities within the Hispanic community and underserved populations through various initiatives, including HHCGA's provision of essential resources and support for mental well-being.
4. A strong emphasis has been placed on educational outreach and community-based programs aimed at empowering individuals with knowledge and tools for healthier living.
5. The collaboration between NFL Alumni Association and HHCGA showcases the importance of partnerships that transcend cultural backgrounds and sectors to work towards a common cause.


What is the main objective of the partnership between the NFL Alumni Association and HHCGA?

The partnership aims to address health needs within their communities, focusing on health disparities within the Hispanic community and promoting better health outcomes through education and support.

What types of initiatives are being implemented through this partnership?

Specific initiatives involve educational outreach programs, providing essential resources for underserved populations, and community-based activities aimed at empowering individuals with knowledge and tools for healthier living.

In what ways can the public get involved in supporting the partnership's goals?

The public can support the partnership by spreading awareness about the collaboration, attending events organized by NFL Alumni and its chapters and HHCGA, and getting informed on the issues being addressed so they can participate in discussions and contribute to creating healthier communities.

Why is collaboration between different organizations important for improving health outcomes in underserved populations?

Collaboration allows organizations to share resources, expand their reach, and create a more significant impact on the communities they serve. By joining forces, NFL Alumni and HHCGA can maximize their effectiveness in addressing health disparities and promoting well-being within various communities.

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