• Stephanie Freeman


On April 10, 2022, CORE GA partnered with the Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia (HHCGA) to host a health fair event at La Vaquita Flea Market in Pendergrass, GA. Working alongside HHCGA, CORE vaccinated 82 individuals and gave away 400 take-home COVID-19 test kits. The at-home test kits were donated by Piedmont Healthcare of Atlanta. The event proved to be an effective way to deliver much needed healthcare services, and was a powerful demonstration of what can be achieved through partnership and collaborative efforts.

Going forward, the leadership of the various organizations have taken steps to move the partnership forward beyond a single event. Indeed, there are plans and dates for two similar events in May and another two in June. These events will offer COVID-19 vaccines, but will also provide access to information on health screening, testing, and vaccines, focusing on the availability of support and healthcare resources for cancer and chronic diseases. In addition, there will be opportunities to learn about nutrition and have access to experts in various health related fields.

The compelling and single uniting mission is to improve health outcomes for underserved communities in Georgia. To that end, the door is open for additional support and involvement from any entity or stakeholder able to use the forum of the planned events to augment the delivery of services and important health related information.

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