Let's STOP Cancer - together.

Did you know cancer is the second leading cause of death in Georgia?

We believe it's time for a change. That's why our Executive Director, Shirley E. "Bella" Borghi sits on the Steering Committee of the Georgia Cancer Control Consortium which just finished their new Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan.

Why is engaging in these conversations and having long term plans important? Because we want to do absolutely everything we can to protect everyone (including you), from cancers that can be prevented/detected early.

This newly published five-year cancer control plan is a strategic guide with ambitious goals and objectives focused on prevention, early detection, and screening; excellence in staging, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes; statewide access to palliative care; and quality of life for all cancer survivors. The statewide plan aims to reduce cancer incidence and mortality with a focus on breast, cervical, colorectal, lung and prostate cancers and to support Georgians who are surviving cancer.

Please view the file below to view the plan.

Georgia's Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan 2019 -2024
Download PDF • 2.91MB

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