Morehouse School of Medicine Leadership Academy – MSM-LA® – celebrates the graduation of the First Cohort of the Inaugural MSM-LA®

October 14, 2021

Accomplished leaders facilitating the development and empowerment of emerging leaders and furthering the influence of targeted leadership in the medical profession

There was genuine excitement and a palpable sense of pride as we gathered for the Graduation Ceremony of the First Cohort of the Inaugural MSM Leadership Academy (MSM-LA®). Erika T. Brown, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs said, “It was my honor to be the Founder and Director of the Inaugural Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) Leadership Academy. We had a great time celebrating 12 graduating fellows of our First Cohort and hearing their capstone projects on 10/8/2021.” The event consisted of MSM-LA® Fellows presenting their Institutional Enhancement Projects to the MSM Community.

The MSM-LA® presented a unique opportunity for leaders from diverse medical backgrounds to partner with MSM in providing relevant experience and exposure to the many challenges of real-world medicine. In her capacity as Director of the Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia (HHCGA), and her many other roles as advisor, partner, membership of several national networks, public health, and educational workgroups, Shirley E. “Bella” Borghi was asked to be part of the leadership team assembled to provide guidance and input in the development of the curriculum. No stranger to the MSM, Shirley serves as a - National Center Primary Care - Morehouse School of Medicine – Advisory Board Member. When asked about the opportunity to work with the first graduating class of the MSM-LA®, Shirley said this, “I was delighted to join forces with MSM peers, knowing I was chosen by MSM because of what had been achieved over many years as a leader in the ever changing but always demanding medical field. The opportunity to influence managers and clinicians destined to work primarily with minority populations, where the need is almost overwhelming, and sadly faced with chronic shortage of resources, was considered one of the more significant gifts of my life’s work. Knowing the many ways graduates from this inaugural group will go-on to change the landscape and meet the very significant headwinds of the present medical dilemmas facing minority populations, gives me with a sense of optimism and hope for better future outcomes.”

As part of the graduation ceremonies, the graduates presented team-based Institutional Enhancement Projects, showcasing the skills and knowledge they obtained from the program. The MSM-LA® curriculum had as an important outcome the development and strengthening of qualities essential for leadership at all levels, with an emphasis on implementation of those attributes at MSM. Judging from the reaction of the leadership team and MSM faculty members, the graduates all appear to have achieve and met the expectation of excellence in directing their projects to enhance aspects of the MSM environment.

More about the MSM-LA®

The overarching goal of the MSA-LA® is to establish a leadership development program customized for MSM that will enable employees at mid-and senior levels (both staff and faculty) in all disciplines to obtain and/or further develop the skills needed to execute their roles at MSM with a stronger position of empowerment. The program takes place over an 8-month period using both online and in-person modalities. Applicants must be nominated by a member of the MSM leadership Council. Be on the faculty at the associate professor rank or above, or staff member at the coordinator, manager, director or similar level.

About the HHCGA

The HHCGA, a 32-year-old non-profit, and is Georgia’s only statewide organization focused on Hispanic/Latino Chronic Disease prevention and better health outcomes. It identifies needs and service gaps leading to health disparities for Georgia Hispanics and offers direct community services and supportive activities to improve the health of Georgia Latinos. As an expert in community health promotion, education, policy and health advocacy, HHCGA creates high-quality, culturally sensitive, and linguistically appropriate health care and prevention services for their community.