HHCGA Ambassador Program

October 28, 2021

 The Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia (HHCGA) Ambassador program was officially launched today. This is an exciting initiative, and a major strategic and pro-active development that will provide quality COVID-19 vaccine information, facilitate access to getting the vaccine, and obtain accurate data relative to vaccine hesitancy and vaccine uptake. The HHCGA Ambassador program will comprise selected individuals who will function and perform an analogous ambassadorial role in the Hispanic community.

In her capacity as Executive Director and Vice-Chairman of the HHCGA, Shirley E. “Bella” Borghi, said this, “We are excited to welcome a cadre of men and women as Ambassadors who will serve as a liaison between communities in Georgia, health professionals, human and social services organizations. Ambassadors will be disseminating COVID-19 vaccine health education, in a sustained effort to decrease COVID-19 Vaccine hesitancy in the State of Georgia. This is a pro-active but entirely non-political service, with the focus of organizing outreach activities to inform and engage minority and underserved communities for COVID-19 vaccine acceptance.”

The Ambassador program foresees success for the initiative since it is truly a peer and grassroot movement of selected individuals from the communities where they will be working. Having met the basic qualification and prerequisite personal criteria, and after receiving initial training, Ambassadors will have culturally and linguistically appropriate information to disseminate with the goal of facilitating the COVID-19 vaccine. Going forward, it is anticipated that the Ambassador program will also seek to improve education and treatment access to other chronic health problems such as HPV, Cervical Cancer, and others.

In line with the old adage that states, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, Ambassadors are essentially a pre-emptive force to combat disparities in access to healthcare education, and access to treatment centers and clinics. The cost of healthcare generally, and specifically the cost associated with the treatment of chronic diseases, continue to rise at an alarming rate. Alexander Guizzotti is a member of the HHCGA team working to implement the Ambassador program, and he warned that increases as high as 200 percent may be a reality a year from now. He said that, “It was important to have an effective Ambassador program as an imperative preventative strategy, and hence counteract the growing cost of healthcare in vulnerable communities that simply cannot pay the ever-increasing costs.”

More About Ambassador Program

The HHCGA website (www.HHCGA.org) provides details about the Ambassador program including job description, qualifications, and a job application for those who wish to join the team. Social Media platforms will be very important to the Ambassador program. Information flow, reporting, and organizing community events will be based on the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Instagram.